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Card processing for 0% on your existing Square POS!

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Digital Receipts

Automatically engage customers using digital receipts, without requesting email or phone numbers.

0% Processing Fees

Accept Pei linked debit and credit cards on your existing Square POS at a 0% processing fee.

Stay Ahead

Stay ahead by reaching thousands of local customers and gaining competitive insights that help to grow your sales.

Give your customers a seamless experience

Pei links directly to existing debit and credit cards through institutional partnerships and the Pei mobile app, removing the need to tap anything additional at checkout.

Customers pay as normal with their existing debit or credit cards. Pei automatically delivers digital receipts and returns processing costs to you in real-time. No extra steps at checkout or hardware needed.

Continue to engage customers with personalized rewards sent straight to their Pei app.

Okay, but how does it work?

Pei's mobile app and bank partners link to customers existing debit and credit cards to power banking benefits.
Customers can freely link through our app or bank with one of our partners to benefit.

No New Hardware. No QR codes. No new System.

Customers pay with their card as normal, in store or online.

Seamless and Automatic

Digital receipts are delivered to customers in real-time
without the need of email or phone numbers.

Free Processing

Pei returns card processing rebates automatically to your dashboard to be used for re-engaging customers or cashing out.

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